Updated: I described Renoise as Windows-only; it runs under both Windows and Mac OS X and is even now a Universal Binary for Intel Macs.

Live 6 isn’t the only hot beta this week. Wally reminds us that Renoise, a favorite Windows/Mac tracker-style sequencer. (See Wikipedia’s explanation of trackers if you’re not in the know.)

Renoise takes what’s great about oldskool software trackers and brings them into the modern software era with the kind of niceties we expect from our music software. 1.8, while only a “point” release, includes some major improvements:

  1. New mixer, for controlling DSP effects and, well, mixing. Now with pre/post monitoring. Unique here: keyboard shortcuts for moving DSP effects around.
  2. Line in recording for processing DSP in Renoise.
  3. Direct sampling, by recording right into the SampleEditor.
  4. XML file format.
  5. Tighter BPM, smoother automation.
  6. A la Live 5, searching through effects Apple “Spotlight” style.
  7. FLAC, OGG, MP3 and M4A support
  8. Lots of other stuff; see the massive changelog.

If you want to get in on the beta, all you have to do is register:

Renoise – Music Tracking Software

Renoise has two major points going for it: it’s dirt cheap at EUR49.99, and it fuses the precision and speed of tracker editing with modern features. I know there are many loyal users out there; any readers here care to comment?