Just under 2 months since the 2.4 Public Beta, Resolume have released v2.4 Final.

New Features since 2.4 Beta:

  • Added new overlay mode called Alpha Luma
  • Midi start/stop configuration
  • Hold down the ‘Ctrl’ key when using bpm up/down controls and you will be able to jump by 4 beats at the time instead of only 1
  • Removed continue/start_over in effects

With the AlphaLuma overlay mode the luminance of a pixel determines it’s alpha value. In other words, if you would make the video grayscale then the dark parts would become more transparent then the light part in the image. Compared to a normal alpha blend that has a tendency to make the result a bit gray and dull this keeps the overall image nice and bright.

Plenty of bugfixes, of course, and a free upgrade, unlike some apps we could name.