You’ve already started performing with Ableton Live using your Sony PSP. Now you want still more ways to control Live via your portable devices. Hmmm, garage door opener — no good. Pocket laser pointer — can only really point at the screen with that. I know: how about your cell phone?

LiveController | Jason R. Kramer

Yes, Jason Kramer has hooked up 15 user-assignable commands in Ableton Live, including play/stop, to the buttons on your cellphone, via scripts built for Sailing Clicker, the powerful PDA / cellphone scripting utility. Now, it’s been a while since I looked at Sailing Clicker, and that application’s support has grown by leaps and bounds, meaning everything from Wi-Fi connections to bluetooth to Windows Mobile PDAs and smartphones (including WM5) to cell phones from every major maker are now supported; check out the full device list. It costs US$23.95 for the Sailing license for Windows or Mac; Jason’s script is US$2.

And this isn’t just a novelty, either; the ability to have quick access to performance buttons without even the need for MIDI could be really helpful. Not to mention it could bring new meaning to DJs “phoning it in.”

For the Pro Tools and Logic Pro scripts, check out Jason’s software page.

Jason has wowed us here previously, by building a beautiful, elegant hardware controller for Ableton Live. Now grab that, your phone, and a PSP, and you’re set.