From CDMo reader and forum member Grigori:

Piksel 06 (thats in Norway) has just been and gone and they have left tons of great info and resouces for people to check out..
Just scroll down through heap of stuff on talks.html page and pick your faves. I highly recomend to
see the stuff by Thomas Vriet and Aymeric Mansoux (those guys are rockstars of geek world 4 sure)

I’ve got to admit, the video and audio quality is terrible, the videos are rather long (Arduino one is 2.5 hours) and boring in places, but there’s some fascinating material in there, and if that’s not enough for you, check out the opening slide from Arduino Co-Creator David Cuartielles’ talk:

Arduino is just like drugs

Arduino: Just like drugs.

I just, like, spent $100 on my Arduino habit today, buying extra breadboard sections, 555 timers, resistor and capacitor packs, 240v relays… Or as the police will surely come to refer to them: Paraphernalia.