Peter Says: VJs in the mainstream? It’s happening, as VJs pick up gigs at huge headline events, tour with big-name acts, and even receive recognition from MTV. (You know, music television, remember them? They’re the folks that created the term VJ, only it meant something entirely different, and now they show neither music nor visuals, so whatever.)

Resolume have posted DJMag’s list for Top 20 VJs 2006. I’m sure the Resolume guys are proud as their software is wielded by ever more of the world’s favourite VJs. CDMo are proud of Holly Daggers for making it back in there again.

  1. Addictive TV
  2. Vello Virkhaus
  3. VJ Anyone
  4. Coldcut
  5. VJ Culture
  6. Inside Us All
  7. Hexstatic
  8. D-Fuse
  9. Eyesupply
  10. Alex et Jeremy
  11. Dubassy
  12. Eclectic Method
  13. Ben Sheppee
  14. 4youreye
  15. Punkvert
  16. Love Mushroom
  17. Pfadfinderei
  18. Holly Daggers
  19. VJamm Allstars
  20. Unu

Take a look and let us know: any favorites? Any omissions you would want included? The results were democratic, based on a poll, so we can be equally democratic here on CDMo.