Live 6 now lets you work in arrangement view with video as easily as with audio. That could mean you’ll be seeing lots of homebrewed Ableton Live music videos online very soon. Live 6 isn’t any VJ app, in that you can’t use the video clips in Session View — a feature I’ve heard users long for since Live 1, though since this is a music app and it’s easy enough to wire Live up to a real VJ app, I think they can wait. But because the arrangement view is fairly flexible in its own rite, made more so by the Live 6’s easy ability to sync up to any video on the timeline, editing video and music simultaneously is now pretty easy for Live addicts. Michael Forrest sends us this hilarious self-created video, “Why’s there something wrong with you?” (thanks, Michael, and you sing it, man):

Michael I think is enjoying this as much as we are. The first two comments say it all:

dewexdewex: go for it chair man: toot that frooty floot
z00yorker: hahaha nutter but i sorta like it in a f***ed up way D: NOT i dont KNOW WTF?

z00yorker, no one has ever so eloquently summed up everything that is YouTube. We don’t know, either. But we keep watching.

Toot that frooty floot, CDMers.