So, you’ve got some nifty visualizations patched in Apple’s Quartz Composer, and something clever using video mapping in Processing: now combine them. Our friend Steve Cooley writes to say that he’s figured out a way to do just that, starting with a Processing sketch he originally programmed for live video. Thanks to Quartz Composer’s integration with QuickTime (QC patches run inside QT 7 video clips), and Processing’s support for QuickTime, you embed the QC patch as a video clip. Anything that plays back in QuickTime player should play back within Processing. (Note that that doesn’t give you the full interactivity and I/O of Quartz Composer, but as can be seen in the example below, it can create some very compelling effects, particularly as you use both these tools for quick sketches, prototyping, and visual improvisations.)

(As Steve points out, if you want to save videos of your work like this one, check out our friend Daniel Shiffman’s excellent MovieMaker library for Processing.)

Full details and the original Processing sketch and Quartz Composer composition at Steve’s blog:

Quartz Composer inside of Processing [Steve Cooley Fine Art]

No source code, but you don’t need it: just point at the .mov file exported from your QC composition. Needless to say, this is Mac only, and requires 10.4 and QT 7.