For more on the Roland workstation line I’ve been talking about this week, check out the video clips at Keyboard’s recently-launched video site:

Keyboard Magazine TV

No direct links from the site, so you just click through to Hot Gear @ NAMM. You won’t see the E-80 workstation I was ranting about; instead, there’s the much more tastefully-designed G-70, which has a feature set that makes a little more sense to me. The “pretend you’re a guitarist” auto-strumming Guitar Mode works really well in the demo.

You’ll be able to see how you can hook up the VIMA to an iPod (strange, but true). Keyboard’s incomparable Steve Fortner hosts the videos.

Incidentally, Roland also has center-cancel mode on their inexpensive SH-201 synth. I will say, I can imagine kids learning to sing and play their favorite songs at home would get a kick out of this … even if the market in the US for full-blown karaoke mode with lyrics and videos/photos displayed on a TV is likely to be more limited.

While you’re there, the new Keyboard video channel has lots of other product demos, how-tos, and playing tips. Thanks, Steve and Ernie!