In celebration of Google’s acquisition of YouTube, CDM’s Adrian Anders has rounded up some of the best YouTube videos, from more Museum of Techno madness to mashups with legos, DJing with 45s, and behind the scenes of music production with Album Leaf.

First, some musical inspiration:

Anders: The Album Leaf – Making The Album “Into The Blue Again”, featuring Joshua Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv on the beats. A really cool look into the creative process for one indie, electronic music influenced band.

Kirn: This band has really been one of my favorites of the year, between Eustis, a detailed attention to sound, and generally creative music making on acoustic, analog, and digital instruments. And I wish I could mix records in Iceland.

Anders: Binarwiese – A crazy Lego Breakbeat mashup.

Kirn: Legos strike strike again.

Anders: 45king… nuff said.

Kirn: Yeah, I don’t get these people who spin LPs. Darn kids with their new-fangled technologies. All about the 45s.

Anders: ……..WTF?!?!?!?!

Kirn: Start drinking the sherry — total drunken chaos in one of the best clips from the insane guys at Museum of Techno. If you’ve ever wondered if you could watch a YouTube clip and feel drunk, this should answer your question. Oh, and there’s something about recording drum loops. Maybe. Parts I and II: