Drummer John Emrich loves the Zendrum, the unique, handcrafted MIDI drum controller featured on CDM previously. Here’s what he has to say about it:

“Without a doubt, this is the most dynamic MIDI unit available for percussionists. You’re not going to find another trigger unit for drummers that will give you this much control over dynamics.”

He isn’t kidding, either. I expect it’d take some practice with the Zendrum just as with any other controller or instrument, but close your eyes, and Emrich’s performance on the Zendrum using sampled sounds sounds like a real kit. Open your eyes, and you get to see a unique style of performance with finger-tapping on the mysterious-looking controller.

I got to witness this at person at NAMM in January, but the folks at fxpansion have posted a video with Emrich playing, using their BFD Jazz & Funk sample library and GURU drum machine:

fxpansion Zendrum video [Flash Player]

John Emrich shows what you can do with a set-up involving BFD, Receptor and Zen Drums in this impressive video.

What they said.