Open-Source ActionScript: Adobe and Mozilla Team Up

Open-source ActionScript meets Mozilla: it’s either a geek wet dream or an odd title for a Japanese monster flickr. Emmy Huang, Product Manager for Flash Player at Adobe, reports on her blog: New open source project with code contributed from Adobe ActionScript Virtual Machine See also Tamarin Project page at Now, before you get […]

Emmy-Award Winning Flash

Adobe’s Flash Video has won an Emmy Award for technical acheivement. Via Macworld: Flash Video Gets an Emmy Previous winners of the same award have included Apple’s Final Cut Pro. (But not Adobe Premiere, as far as I know — maybe next year.) 2006 is certainly Flash Video’s year, thanks to the phenomenal success of […]

Peter Kirn - November 7, 2006

Thomas Dolby + BT on Tour in US

One music tour in 2006 may pack more lines of code and more IQ points than any other: the meeting of BT and Thomas Dolby. This should be a really fantastic tour given the buzz on each artist lately, and if you want to see people doing unique stuff with computers as performance instruments, this […]

Peter Kirn - November 7, 2006

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