Audio Damage, the indie plug-in developers who keep churning out some of our favorite plug-ins, do love to tease their fans with screen shots of their software in-development. The latest is something called Replicant:

Teaser… Pt. 3

Like Beat Repeat in Ableton Live , Replicant performs some automatic slicing and dicing of incoming audio with randomization, so you can stutter, shuffle, and scramble drum tracks and other audio material. Unlike Beat Repeat, Replicant will have “a much more comprehensive timing mechanism, resonant filters, pan position, bit reduction, and more sophisticated randomization features.”

Beat Repeat certainly has its detractors. I happen to be a fan — not initially, but after I spent some time sorting the interface. But I’ve been longing for another tool to do some of the things Beat Repeat can’t. This could fit the bill. It also inspires me to spend some time with Reaktor working on other audio processing ideas.

And, of course, we love replicants. (I think I’ll name my next Reaktor patch Cylon Hybrid.)

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