M-Audio may not spell the word “connective” / “conectiv” right, but they’re getting some very positive feedback from their new DJ line, including Torq (the DJing + vinyl control solution), Conectiv (the audio interface), and X-Session Pro DJ control surface. I’m hearing great comments here from readers, and there’s other word around the Interwebs. Some early bugs, as would be expected with a new product, but it sounds as though they’re getting effectively squashed. And with a US$99 version for beginners and affordable prices on the “pro” products, this stuff could catch on fast.

Here’s what looks like a great review in German, which comes conveniently two days before I have a doctoral German reading exam to take. Now I can study this, which is a great deal more fun:
M-Audio Conectiv & Torq Testbericht [Alex’s Blog]

M-Audio are out on the road promoting their DJ stuff very heavily, too. First, they’ve toted the new kit to trade shows in Asia and Broadcast India (hey, I expect the Asian market will soon dwarf the North American and European markets). Second, they’re helping push Scarface: The Video Game. (Too bad; if they wanted to hit the coveted CDM market, they would have found some Zelda: Twilight Princess tie-in, but I digress.) And they’ve holding scratch competitions with Torq, as well, as seen here on YouTube. Computers, ending the age of turntablists? Quite the opposite, it would appear:

Video via Scratchworx, which also has a terrific hands-on report on new DJ gear from Music Live. (Not to be confused with the somewhat less-than-successful MusicPlayer Live from here in NY about a year ago.) And if you can’t get invited to an event with an M-Audio demo of the new stuff, here’s the next best thing — GearWire with the M-Audio demo:

M-Audio Torq Videos [GearWire, from Summer NAMM]

For more on Torq and Conectiv, see our earlier roundup of first impressions and resources; read through for comments with impressions from readers:

M-Audio Torq/Conectiv DJ Early Adopters Share Tips and Reviews

“Ah,” you say, “but what will I do after I’ve bought Torq and Conectiv, and I’m wildly rich and famous?” How about buy a $13,000 ring with a turntable on it?

_$13K TURNTABLE RING [DJ Amber, who is also a permanent fixture on Technorati]

Add that to our previously-covered collection of DJ/music-tech bling. Still waiting on the gold and diamond-encrusted Max/MSP jewelry, but I’m not giving up hope yet.