There are lots of fantastic music tools out there, but some of them just inspire love and envy, and the Moog Little Phatty certainly fits the bill. Via Matrixsynth, Melbourne Sydney-based composer / music maven Sofie Loizou has posted her unboxing ceremony and first impressions of the Moog synth. (At this point, I would normally post the various links to coverage at Keyboard Magazine, but the Good Ship Keyboard’s site seems to be down.)

Sofie writes:

This bundle of joy came this afternoon and I couldn’t help but take a few happy snaps to celebrate its arrival. My initial comments are â€Å“yayâ€Â? and â€Å“woohoo.â€Â? It looks and feels solid, great key action (no skimping on key size depth), it has pink and blue buttons (extremely important) and rotary LED knobs. The layout is simple and easy to use, and its controls are chosen to emphasise its role as a chunky sounding monophonic synth. And above all it sounds like a moog. My thirst for tangible analogue aesthetic has been quenched. Every girl should have one. 😉

And it glows in the dark. (Hint to product makers: as a reviewer, I instantly put that in my “pros” column.) I don’t own a Moog here, sadly, but I will say, if you haven’t played the Voyager or Little Phatty, you really should get a hands-on experience. The total user experience of the Moog instruments is truly greater than just the sum of their parts; they are fantastic designs.

Sofie, who says she’s also a CDM reader, is an interesting figure herself. In addition to various compositional projects, she helped put together the record label Southern Outpost (as in Southern Hemisphere, I presume), which now has a deal with Submerge in Detroit, has worked with a lot of really cool people, has played SONAR as a laptop artist, and, well, go read her bio. And she has her Little Phatty under a Roland SH1000, a rig that will make any synth-loving boy or girl happy!

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(Apologies to Matrixsynth readers, who are now experiencing the new Sofie Moog meme.)

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