Music tech videos have begun to infect YouTube (you know, between footage of bunny rabbits opening letters). As the opening moments of wackiness commence, you might think the following videos from cult-success French plug-in developers Ohmforce has plenty in common with the cracked-out Museum of Techno videos we’ve been watching.

What these videos have in common: British accents, antics/hijinks, apparent how-tos, thinly-disguised product plugs, YouTube distribution.

Important differences: the Ohmforce tutorials are made by music software developers (with a little French-English cooperation from fxpansion, and they’ll actually teach you something.

Yes, I have to say, these videos not only make me want to give the Ohm boys’ effects another try (and they are highly respected fan favorites), but have some very bright ideas on spicing up your tracks. Best for intermediate/advanced users as they move quite quickly.

Cast of characters detailed in comments on Ohm Force’s blog. (I love that the employees have Anime names.) 12-13 minutes each. Part one here; second part after the jump.