Now that’s what I call a Thanksgiving present. At long last, Native Instruments is shipping desperately-awaited Universal Binary versions of their remaining software. Available now: Guitar Rig (2.2 update). Coming this week (probably while I’m traveling), Kontakt. Next week: Traktor and Reaktor are due (note that sometimes last-minute delays can hold things up, but NI does say you’ll have your Mac Intel-ready software very, very soon — finally).

Before moving on, I’d like to take a moment. Reaktor running on an Intel Mac. Ah, that sounds like a beautiful thing. (Why am I so excited? Because Reaktor blazes on my now-lowly 1.5GHz Pentium M laptop. Intel’s architecture and Reaktor seem to get along really, really well.)

While we wait on more NI updates, though, the Guitar Rig 2.2 update should benefit Intel Mac and Windows/PowerPC Mac users alike. There are some nice new effects: an Electric Lady flanger, Phaser Nine phaser, improved graphics throughout, and my favorite of the additions, the Harmonic Synthesizer effect. Lots of possibilities here from what I’ve heard so far, for transforming your guitar or bass (or even violin or accordion) into a synthy sound:

Intel Mac users can get the update free (if you purchased after September 12 or if you own Komplete 4), or for US$29 if not. For PowerPC and Windows users, 2.2 is free (presumably since it’s not as important to you compatibility-wise).

On a more sour NI note, I’ve been tipped off that there are quite a few disgruntled Komplete Care owners waiting on Komplete 4.

Updated: Thanks to those who wrote in. Native Instruments has made a formal announcement about the shipping delay for Komplete Care 06 customers. It begins:

to all Komplete Care 2006 owners, I want you to know that we are very concerned about the delayed shipment of the Komplete 4 updates, and we absolutely acknowledge the frustration that this has caused for some of you. It has taken us a few days to prepare what we feel is an appropriate response, and I apologize for not having been able to inform you earlier via this forum.

Obviously, if you’re not a Komplete Care customer, no need to worry about this, but if you are and have been frustrated waiting on a delayed shipment (as was the case with at least a couple of CDM readers), you should have your answer now. Top executives at NI weighed in, so the issue was definitely not ignored. Details at NI Forum.

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