Wireless control has major appeal for VJs and live visualists: control visuals in different locations wirelessly, move about while performing, and, erm, grab a cocktail during your set. (Well, at least I occasionally want to do that last one. All without performing my dynamic performance, mind you.) There are commercial options like M-Audio’s wireless adapter, but here’s one better: use your Nintendo DS. Tob, developer of NitroTracker, has collaborated with TheRain, developer of DSMidi, on a new MIDI-over-WiFi solution.

A homebrew Nintendo DS + the free software is all you’ll need to turn your DS into a wireless controller for any visual software. Here, they use Quartz Composer, the free Apple developer tool, but any MIDI-receiving software will work — and I honestly kind of like the idea of using the stylus-controlled keyboard. Naturally, this is only the first of what might eventually be possible. We’ll have information on downloading and setting up this software soon on Create Digital Music, as well as the musical applications, but visual control will also be high on my list.


The software has been released as a free, open source download; check out the full story at Create Digital Music or go straight for the project page.