Tobias, the talented creator of the NitroTracker homebrew software for Nintendo DS (see our DS homebrew roundup), sends us a new project: wireless MIDI control.

The MIDI implementation is pretty clever: tap keys with the stylus to play them, and get vibrato/modulation by rubbing a key. You can send MIDI data from the DS, which makes it a powerful wireless controller; it’s seen in the video controlling Quartz Composer, the free Mac developer tool / 3D graphics synthesizer.

Using your stylus to control music software is all well and good, but even cooler is the ability to send MIDI to the DS, giving you control from your computer of the DS’ vintage GameBoy-esque synth sounds. 8-bit, here we come!

This is just an experimental version, says Tobias, though we could see a public build as soon as a few days from now. You’ll see it here first, of course. For more on DS music making:

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Palm lovers who don’t want to be left out, an anonymous commenter on Music thing points to a Bluetooth-based MIDI controller for Palm from the good people of Bhajis. And don’t forget the wireless Sony PSP controller for Ableton, or cell phone control of music software with Sailing Clicker (including Palm, I might add).

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