I have another 2 days in Hanoi before returning to Australia. I was hoping to find an electronics market to pick up some gear to use in physical computing projects, but so far my asking around and googling hasn’t located anything.

Can any Vietnam-based CDM readers help me out?

In other news: I’m currently working on some performance tweaks for CDM, initially we’ll be disabling the Flash-based headings, but when I return we’ll be doing a more thorough overhaul with an aim to decreasing load times.

Ed.: I’ve added a poll and forum thread about the current experimental changes. More to come — and hopefully still more speed improvements.

Oh, and in other news, if you see anything going wrong on the site, it’s probably not us. Just our luck that we switch to one of the world’s leading site hosts, and the instant we do they unveil a major upgrade to their “Grid” system that causes chaos on all their customer’s servers. The CDM Host Curse continues. -PK