We know you readers range from newcomers just trying to navigate the soup of music software product names to senior product managers at music software companies, Microsoft, and Apple.

I’ll bet very few of you in any of those categories can get all of these right:

ridiculous_fish: Hair care! / Digital Audio!

Maybe they hire the same logo design firms. What’s really funny is how some of the obvious audio examples start to look like good shampoo names — or visa versa.

Via the blog of the creator of the new XO Wave audio editor for Mac. That app is, ironically, itself in need of an emergency logo design. No offense, but gradients, glow effects, and broken anti-aliasing in a single image? Trade some licenses with a hungry designer, perhaps?

Anyway, let us know how you score on the quiz. Then, if you’re geek enough, see the hard-core programming goodness on the rest of the blog. (I’ll never claim to be a geek again after reading that.)