Dan of Dansdata has recently started a more personal blog. Whereas Dansdata is generally quite focussed on niche tech gadgetry reviews and solving reader problems, his new blog “How To Spot A Psychopath” (named after this page) is a little less focussed, running the gamut from reviews of spam emails, to using lego for casting metal, to the release of Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather miniseries in the UK, and more recently: Light bulb diffraction.

This is important information for visualists, as the colour rendering of the lighting you use effects the quality of your final image. If your bulbs have a low CRI (Colour Rendering Index), then the colours in the images captured by your camera won’t be true to life.

Dan has tested a range of bulbs, and while the results are widely known – halogen and LED are ok, flourescent makes people look like corpses – it’s interesting to see images of why some lamps are such a great choice for zombie movies.