We love you, old Casio (and Yamaha, and other) keyboards, hard-edged lo-fi synth patches, and strangely alluring stiff automatic drum parts. We love you in original form, circuit-bent mods, and free VST plug-ins. And, via Jaymis, we love people who build “very low-energy musical whimsy” performances on their keyboard, like David O’Doherty:

Anyone have a better performance video of David? (More soon if we can find them.)

Boy, I wish I kept my own first Casio.

Ed.: My first synth was a Casio, but astute reader Grondo notes this keyboard is a Yamaha Portasound — equally full of vintage goodness. (So much for my ears.) I think David may also hack the Casios, but it seems we got our celebrity endorsements wrong in this case. Not that you can really see in this video, of course — hope to share a higher-res video soon. One where you can not only tell a Yamaha from a Casio, but you can smell the circuitry, baby! -PK