Create Digital Motion @ Macworld: Visualist Tips, Parties, and flickr Group

I’m here in San Francisco all week at Macworld, a hub not only for the Mac platform but the visualist/VJ scene as well. I’ll be reporting all week (and next, as I catch up) for both CDMotion and CDMusic. This is a huge chance to learn about Flash (Flashforward is hosting a special Macworld edition), […]

Hand-Painted PCB Puppet Dances to Game Boy Music

How much does circuit bender Gijs Gieskes love circuit boards? Enough to make them into puppets. A little paint, lots and lots of colored lights, and the ability to receive clock signal (MIDI sync) from LSDj, the homebrew music app for Game Boys, and you have a geeky, wonderful animated character who can flash along […]

Peter Kirn - January 8, 2007

Ableton Goes All-American, New Distribution

Ableton has announced it’s opening a new office and handling its own US distribution. Ordinarily, this kind of news would be pretty boring, but this particular announcement is important for several reasons: 1. It means Ableton is going to have a bigger presence in New York, home city of Create Digital Music (just 15 minutes […]

Peter Kirn - January 8, 2007

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