Applied Acoustics make some of my favorite instruments. Their Lounge Lizard, Ultra Analog, and String Studio instruments are ones I’m always coming back to for their organic feel. So I’m going to take it as a sign that the week I finally get an Intel MacBook, they deliver Intel-native versions. My sets for next week at Macworld is secure.

Full impressions of these instruments on the MacBook — they do tend to be pretty CPU-hungry as they’re modeling-based — in an upcoming Core Duo roundup. In the meantime, here’s what’s new, beyond bug fixes:

  1. Intel-based Mac systems support—Universal Binary
  2. New RTAS plug-ins for both Windows and Mac OS X
  3. New total recall of 128-program bank in any host sequencer
  4. Full MIDI Program Change support
  5. MIDI Pitch Bend and Channel Pressure (mono aftertouch) messages support in MIDI Links
  6. Redesigned Edit MIDI Links dialog
  7. Omni MIDI channel
  8. New restore factory preset library command
  9. New Chord mode, improved Latch mode in arpeggiator
  10. Improved Latch mode in arpeggiator

This corrects a number of the minor issues I’d had. Unfortunately, the update is not free if you purchased before September 1; it’s US$29 per instrument or US$49 if you have the full modeling collection. That seems reasonable for Intel Mac owners, but it’s too bad PowerPC owners can’t get the bug fixes free.

Tassman 4 is still on its way for some time in 2007. This is further proof that music developers have had a tough transition getting ready for Intel on the Mac. 2007 looks like an easier year than 2006.

Applied Acoustics Technology Update