Linux is looking better and better as a fully open-source, multimedia-optimized operating system for visualists. Adobe has announced the availability of Flash Player for Linux. The bad news is, it’s x86 only, and as expected, there may be some issues. But the good news is, it’s here, and early reports indicate it works. Even as a regular Mac and Windows user, I can see building a cheap PC box for an installation and saving the cash I’d normally have to spend on a Windows license. Download Squad has some good commentary and links. If you’re on Linux, just go grab the player the normal way, and you’ll get a Linux option (neat!)

Flash Player 9 for Linux Final Released

What else does this mean? It means you can go fully free + open-source with your next VJ set, taking advantage of the ActionScript 3-based project Onyx pictured here:

Onyx VJ

I’m converting a PC laptop here to a Linux-only box. One of the first things I want to test: video4linux Flash support, if Adobe delivered that as promised. If you’re trying a mixed-OS environment on the Mac, be sure to catch the other gem from Download Squad, a how-to for MacFUSE, which gives you Linux volume access on the Mac.