Tim Clark writes to point out the Magical 8bit Plugin from the awesome Japanese game console virtuosos YMCK is now Intel Mac-ready:

YMCK Plug-in Download Page

What wonders does YMCK offer?

  1. 5 waveforms (square, pulse (2 kinds), pseudo-triangle, low-resolution noise)
  2. ADSR envelope assignment for volume
  3. Supports pitch bending, bend range variable
  4. Frequency sweep function

Sure, it’s not a real NES, but I love plug-in emulations nonetheless: they open up additional performance options and insane configurations impossible with hardware. Now if only Chip32 were Intel-native. (As we discovered in comments, GarageBand weirdly refuses to run in Rosetta for PowerPC compatibility, something most music apps will do.)

8-bit Nintendo Sounds as a Free Windows/Mac Plug-in (Add an NES to GarageBand, Stompbox NES FX)

YMCK: Japanese 8-bit Virtuosos, Music Videos