Josh Jancourtz took some great photos for us from the floor of the Anaheim Convention Center at the NAMM show, because you can never see drool-inspiring gear from too many angles. We’ll be catching up with new NAMM announcements all week and will do our full CDM wrap-up in the next few days, but in the meantime, here are some photos:

Josh Jancourtz: Winter NAMM 2007 [flickr]

If you were in Anaheim and want to share some of your own snaps, or pictures of anything else, for that matter (Irish pub crawl?), it’s easy — just join our Create Digital Music flickr pool:

Create Digital Music pool

Keep contributing, and someday we’ll build a Hugh Hefner-style mansion and invite everyone to a real pool. Just watch the circuit-bent electronics — waterproof synths in the pool only, please.

NAMM coverage on your blog? Aside from our own NAMM wrap-up, we’ll be compiling links to our favorite NAMM write-ups elsewhere. If you’ve got NAMM photos and stories you’d like us to consider, just drop us a line and we’ll add you to our wrap-up later this week.