Have you ever plugged your headphones into your microphone? Well now you can! Besides winning a nomination for longest alphanumeric name, the USB2200A microphone from sE Electronics features a 1/8” headphone output and volume control on its body. This allows zero latency monitoring from the Class A 1” cardioid condenser mic while recording via USB. The mix/monitor level can be adjusted with audio software.

But wait! This mic also has a simultaneous XLR output. The capsule can be powered either through USB or XLR phantom power. Add a 100Hz roll off filter and 10dB pad and this is one versatile mic for $499 MSRP.

More at www.seelectronics.com

Ed.: Finally someone gets it — the “microphone as recorder” concept wasn’t complete if you couldn’t monitor what you’re doing. And the lack of XLR made most of these mics useless. This model addresses both, and might actually be a quality mic, to boot. sE has made some nice stuff, so this could be one mic-recorder that’s worth using. We’ll watch for availability and give it a try. -PK