Waldorf’s Zarenbourg electric piano was on display at their NAMM booth. Beholding its grand, future-retro design, you’ll immediately wonder: are there tines and pickups under the Zarenbourg’s hood, or a digital sound engine?

The answer, alas, is the latter, which will be appreciated by keyboardists who value the ability to use multiple built-in sounds and effects along with an editor librarian in VST and Audio Units.

There are also several bold color schemes for the Zarenbourg’s shell, including a huge Union Jack flag, so you can keep your Zarenbourg coordinated with your Mini. The large, flat top also lends itself nicely to holding another keyboard and/or computer setup.

The Zarenbourg is scheduled to ship in May for around $5k MSRP.

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Ed.: It’s a tough NAMM show for the Zarenbourg: Waldorf’s electric piano has to face up to the real Rhodes moniker. Odds are, I think, the new Waldorf synths may fare better buzz-wise. I see an electromechanical vs. simulated electric piano smackdown in the future. The winners: lovers of electric pianos. The losers: anyone wanting an electric piano with the Canadian flag will need to get a custom paint job. Though I betcha you’ll be one-of-a-kind. -PK