The new Vestax VCI-100 is “a highly professional MIDI controller” that was on display at the NAMM show. While many of us delight in exposing highly cheesy marketing verbiage, I do have to say that in the process of trying to nudge it to get a better photo, I discovered that the VCI-100 is much heavier than expected. Its body is built entirely of metal, conveying a sense at least that it is built like a tank.

The VCI-100 works plug & play with Mac OS X and Windows XP SP2 via USB 2.0, through which it can also be powered (although as usual, the included power adapter is recommended for greatest stability).

Each of the two platters responds either to touching the metal top or the acrylic rim, so they can be programmed, for example, for scratching and pitch bending. The response curve of the crossfader is adjustable within the unit.

The VCI-100 will be bundled with Native Instrument’s Traktor 3 LE and additional MIDI maps are said to be forthcoming. It is scheduled to ship in May for a street price of $499.

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Ed.: After a long string of not-quite-perfect DJ-style controllers, followed by M-Audio’s recent Xponent, which has ample controls but seems needlessly expensive, especially if you’re not planning on using this software, the VCI-100 seems to be the most promising controller coming out. I think it could be a hit not only with DJs but visualists and laptop musicians, too… hopefully we can get specs on weight soon. -PK

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