It takes a dedicated turntablist to use a deck as a melodic instrument. It makes Theremins, violins, and bassoons easy to play. Kypski shares the Beatles’ Michelle in scratch form:

Yep, I’m sticking to keyboards and Theremins. This does make me wonder, though, about fun ways of playing things involving giant mechanical wheels, though, which when you think about it is essentially what a turntable is — see comments for mention of Radio Wonderland; more on that soon. (That’s how I describe the intuitive appeal of the turntable in the first place to nonbelievers: imagine if someone invented a music controller with built-in, mechanical resistance, a giant platter, and a heavy wheel you could manipulate to directly effect sound. You wonder why we ever thought it was just a way of playing back music.) Now, has anyone tried that musical Vestax deck?