The perfect computer DJ controller remains elusive. Serious turntablist DJs, of course, will want decks. But what if you’re scratching homebrew Reaktor instruments, or jogging through video for a VJ set (which, sorry, isn’t really subtle enough to require a full deck), or just adding scratch to a laptop set?

Our own Adrian Anders notes the new Vestax VCI-100 in comments:

Vestax VCI-100 Product Page

Here’s what it looks like on paper (or, erm, website pixels anyway):

  1. Jog wheel “constructed with a high-resolution pulse sensor; touch sensor and acrylic platter mechanism”. Have to actually try that out to know what that feels like. Jog wheels have built-in “sensor LED.”
  2. Hardware-adjustable crossfader controls
  3. USB MIDI connection, bus-powered
  4. 90 assignable parameters
  5. Plug and play (class-compliant)
  6. Bundled with Traktor LE

The controller layout is a little unusual in that there’s a loop/sampler section at top left and generic “effects” controls at upper right. I’m guessing some folks will like that, and others won’t.

Pricing, availability — no official word. Hopefully we’ll hear more at NAMM.

Updated: DJDeals is showing March 2007 availability and US$499 price (lower, unlisted price available):
DJDeals VCI-100

I’d want to test it first, obviously, and I’d take reseller availability dates with a grain of salt, but that gives us a ballpark.

NAMM Hands-on:

More on the VCI-100 from Josh Jancourtz on the floor of the Winter NAMM show:
NAMM: Vestax VCI-100, Heavy Metal MIDI Controller for the DJ