CBC Radio 3 Takes on Gear Lust in Canada

“I would rather have a robot singing our songs than myself.” So explains the lead singer vocoder user for the electro-rock band Shout Out Out Out Out on a new feature on CBC Radio 3. The new program takes on gadget love among musicians. “Our resident gear-freak Tariq Hussain gets the skinny on some of […]

Aldrin: Powerful, Modular Sequencer-Tracker for Linux/Windows, a la Buzz

There are two basic ways to approach computer music making: work with a system that’s already built for you (think traditional sequencers), or build your own, modular, unique way of working. Both approaches can be valid, but for a small but dedicated band of hard-core computer musicians, only the latter will do. The Buzz project […]

Peter Kirn - February 21, 2007

As Seen on TV: Hercules DJ Controller on 24

Music tech gear rarely surfaces in the mainstream. I never saw a Roland Juno and Cubase on Seinfeld. The Hercules DJ Controller did make it onto a recent episode of “24”, however, says CDM reader DJ Klachik: I was just watching the 5th season of “24” on DVD, and in chapter 21, I saw this […]

Peter Kirn - February 21, 2007

DIY Audiophile

Peter Kirn - February 21, 2007

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