If you’re planning to build a creative new instrument or interface for music, and you don’t already have the open source Arduino project on your watch list, you should put it there. Chris O’Shea at Pixelsumo brings some great new goodies for Arduino lovers via the Italian project site / tutorial site / shop Tinker.it:

Tinker.it and Bluetooth Arduino

Lots of good stuff for Arduinos:

  1. Bluetooth Arduino so you can connect Arduinos to each other, to a computer, or to mobile devices, wirelessly
  2. Ethernet Arduino, which, among other things, can do OpenSoundControl (OSC)
  3. DMX Arduino for lighting tricks and theatrical applications
  4. Lots of prototyping gadgets and kits, for use with and without the Arduino, and more projects and tutorials on the way (including some live classes in Europe). It’s like Europe’s answer to North America’s Sparkfun.

Chris also has some great hands-on impressions of the Bluetooth board. Great write-up, Chris; can’t wait to see what you’re doing with it!

I’d still suggest another option for MIDI control; watch for more MIDIsense goodness later this spring. 2007 resolution: put more hands-on projects up here at CDM. Stay tuned!