Metasonix continues to build one-of-a-kind effects with raunchy, make-your-parents-blush names. No nonsense about tubes providing warm, wonderful sounds. Take the first tube, a vintage model from devices like military radios:

“We use it as a preamp—a BAD preamp. The SCROTUM knob controls input volume badly. No, you can’t turn it fully down. This is intentional because it interacts with the DOUBLE SCROTUM switch. Turning down SCROTUM won’t silence the awful noise and oscillation. It just makes the TM-7 howl and scream at various pitches, intermodulating with your lovely sweet guitar tone. Ha ha ha. Scrotum.”

Two more vacuum tubes and a feedback loop later, well … it’s easier to hear than describe. Our friend, musician, bender, and experimentalist Chachi Jones, has launched a new video blog for the hip San Francisco music gear shop Robotspeak. He tests the TM-7 Scrotum Smasher in a new clip. Cross your legs before watching, gentleman readers:

More videos coming in the Robotspeak Magazine.