Computers are wonderful for making live visuals. But there’s something to be said for 2-channel video mixing on DVD, even if it’s just as a backup system for your computer rig. Via the Japanese site envol! VJ, we find this lovely gem from Kawasaki: dual 7″ displays, integrated dual DVDs with dedicated outputs, and dual audio. If this doesn’t scream portable 2-channel audiovisual mixing, nothing does:

Kawasaki Mobile Video System with 2 DVD Players and Monitors – PVS297OS [ info in English FYI, though they have no stock]
envol! VJ audiovisual knowledge database

10 lbs. total, so it’d be easy to add to an existing laptop / SFF rig. Unknowns: reliability, how to buy one, if there are better options out there.

There’s an additional blurb on another Japanese site for those of you who read Japanese. I don’t, but I see GameCube, N64, PS2? Do they just mean that you can hook these up to the display (as with any analog input)?

Any other tips on these kinds of players? A lot of the cheap portable players I’ve seen were of, ahem, questionable quality.