Winning the award this month for “Most Insane Project Mockup”, I give you the Plattabass. It’s a bass. It’s a record player. It has magnetic sensors embedded in the neck. And yes, that is a crossfader. Even crazier: Mobius (Ray Belden) plans to actually build this thing. We’ll be watching.

Proposed specs, courtesy Ray:

  1. 2 assignable cross faders, an extreme pitch control that goes to zero RMP, a thumb worn magnet that triggers a sensor inlaid in the back of the neck
  2. Three control knobs, and 2 TRS stereo outputs
  3. Fender P bass neck, Basslines 1/4 pound pickups, and Fender flat-wound strings
  4. Technics 1200 motor, plater , and controls
  5. The experimental, spring loaded ,3 pole, zero drag stylus cartridge caddy / Bas string bridge, will be a one off custom piece of metal work
  6. I will need a dsp unit that has a phono preamp built in, I was thinking I could cannibalize a Rane TTM-56

What, no built-in refrigerator for the brewskis? Can’t really see the purpose, then.

For those of you who are unbelievers, Ray says he is photographing work on a prototype as he builds it. Hopefully we’ll have photographic evidence soon.

Believe it or not, though, this isn’t the strangest project we’ve seen yet involving Ms. Pinky, the brilliant-yet-affordable control vinyl system (see CDM Ms. Pinky tag). It’s only right that it’d get built into a bass having already been used inside tree trunks and powering vibrating chaise lounges. Got an unusual Pinky project of your own? Do let us know.

Thanks, Ray and Wallace! (Close-up image after the jump.)