I don’t know how I managed to miss the release of the CodaNova VMX VJ, but thanks to Grigori for bringing it to my attention:


Now this is more like it. The NuVJ is on the right track, but without having had a go my initial impression is that it doesn’t have quite enough controls and is too tied to the DJ-style layout. It may be perfect for Arkaos, the ReACT may be perfect for Resolume, but unfortunately I’m not buying my midi controllers to use in one single program.

The VMX VJ seems to be addressing these concerns: Plenty of trigger buttons, multiple jog wheels and cross faders (who decided that a single crossfader was enough for VJing?)

  • 99 fully assignable controllers
  • Plug & Play Windows XP & MAC OS X, Linux support with USB drivers
  • 2 jogs and 2 cross fader for live video scratching
  • 8 tracks with soft touch fader
  • 20 knobs
  • 28 switches (loops, play, pause, replay etc …)
  • 39 radio buttons (special FX…)
  • dim. 29×41 cm – same as a 17″ laptop 
  • white steel

Has anyone managed to get their hands on one of them? A little steep at 500 euro, but the build quality looks great from those photos, if only the same thing could be said for the photos themselves. Perhaps the VMX guys could swing one my way in exchange for some extremely professional looking product shots.