Yes, I’m enjoying our new inter-post asides to create fabulous new non sequitur combination headlines. More on Windows Vista’s audio guts: MS developer Larry Osterman explains (well, sort of) the new audiodg.exe “host audio engine.” The DRM bit is nasty, but the good news is it doesn’t seem to have an adverse impact on music apps, which in all our early test indications and research seem to be happier under Vista performance-wise. If you’re thinking of upgrading to Vista, the good news is in-place upgrades may be just fine, even though I still say wait at least a couple of weeks and use a second hard disk partition. Put your gas mask on: build an effects processor into a gas mask for “vocal bending.” Clearly the DIY project of the week! DIY Pd software: check out this free e-book for users of the open source multimedia patching software Pure Data (Pd).