Okay, safety first. Casio says:

Due to a manufacturing defect, certain CTK-710 keyboards may present a smoke and/or fire hazard, which could result in serious injury or property damage. No reports of injuries have been received by Casio to date. Casio is aware of five incidents of overheating, including two incidents that resulted in a fire. There have been two reports of property damage.

See Casio recall.

Now, since I know there’s a fairly strong pyromaniac streak among CDM readers, let’s enjoy this for a moment: Flaming. Casio. Keyboards. Note: this is not an endorsement of such reckless behavior. Burning Casio keyboards are probably more toxic than doing yoga exercises on top of your local incinerator plant, and fire has a dangerous tendency to … burn things. But a little tip: if you have one of these that is overheating, and don’t feel like shipping it back to Casio, try eBay. Why? Musicians love fire:

Flame-shooting Toaster Guitar Amps
Richard Devine Beats a Flaming Keyboard with a Bat
Pyrophone: Flaming Sound Organ Powered by Propane and Max/MSP

The keyboard has MIDI, so you can hook it up to your flammable Dell or Apple PowerBook 5300 laptop.