It seems that the wait is almost over for those wanting to shoot cinema-quality footage digitally with a camera that looks like a gun from Aliens. RED have just released their pricelist.

The Red One camera with premium production pack.

This was never going to be a cheap endeavour. Yes, the camera body is an incredibly affordable $17,500, but that won’t let you shoot a single frame. You’ll also need a power pack ($1,650) to give the thing juice, viewfinder ($2,950) or LCD ($1,700) so you can see what you’re doing, and a Red Drive (320GB, $900) or Red RAM (64GB, $4,500) to capture those frames. Oh, and you’ll want a lens, otherwise the frames you’re capturing may be a little fuzzy, the most affordable option would be a Canon or Nikkor 35mm adapter ($500)… HD4Indies has a big analysis, including comparisons with other pro options.

I don’t see myself picking one of these bad boys up for quite a while yet, but when I get the spare cash I’ll definitely be looking at Red first.