Cat power. First of today’s evening diversions: Analog Industries discovers Nora the piano-playing cat. We don’t want to put Nora up on the main site, though, lest she scare the infinitely more talented Hatebeak the parrot.

Conceptual albums. The folks at have a beautiful music tablet PC design up. (Thanks, Gizmodo.) Only problem: it’s basically a Windows tablet PC with a prettier body; the real magic in portable music tablets would come from smarter software. See also their computer in a drum case, which might allow drummers to sneak Ableton Live onstage.

The Long Tail and the Toilet. Lastly, if you’re looking for a new way to distribute your music and gain audiences, and you’re a totally obscure indie band with a name like “Nine Inch Nails” (who?) why not distribute your music taped to USB keys in urinals? In Portugal? (Damn you, Reznor, you stole ANOTHER of my ideas?) Just make sure you tell the RIAA first. Oh, and make sure not to leave your Logic Pro dongle by mistake. I do love the fake site NIN points to. “ZERO TOLERANCE. ZERO FEAR.” happens to be the new slogan of the new CDM forum moderators.