Devotees of the SID sound chip in the Commodore 64 will love this. A new project called Shredz64 promises to create a working version of Guitar Hero with the C64’s vintage sounds, and will unlock the ability to use other PS2 controllers, as well. We’ve seen various hardware hacks to provide better I/O and simple onboard controls to make the C64 more fun as an instrument/synth; the next frontier seems to be adding more elaborate external hardware.

Being the C64, you get funny moments like this: “Some obstacles to be worked through include presentation of music given the 3 voice nature of the 6581 and 8580.” Indeed. The graphics are a bit more primitive, as well (ahem). But Guitar Hero with SID files? Priceless.

Just don’t let Timbaland anywhere near this.

Shredz64 Project
Via C64Music!, a superb source for round-the-clock updates on C64 music

(Good peoples of Harmonix, assuming Viacom still leaves you time to read this blog, curious what you think!)