We’ve already seen the Nintendo DS used as a wireless WiFi MIDI controller. But if you’re longing for some good, old-fashioned, hard MIDI connections to your DS, too, you’re now in luck.

Natrium42, the creator of homebrew-launcher classic PassMe, has built a multi-purpose serial device for the DS called DSerial. Via his schematics, you can support both MIDI input and MIDI output via standard 5-pin DIN cords.

That’s cool enough, but of course you need something with which to use all that MIDI goodness. Tobias Weyand has updated his DS MIDI application so it now supports both wifi MIDI connections (to a computer) and hardware, cabled MIDI connections (to MIDI-compatible synths, keyboards, controllers, effects, guitar controllers, etc., etc.) That makes your DS into an all-purpose MIDI controller for everything you own. Since the previous name, DSMIDIWiFi, doesn’t cover the full range, Tobias has redubbed the application DSMI. (Sounds like some evil branch of the US Defense Department creating killer, mutant dolphin cyborgs. Actually stands for DS Music Interface.)

And this should soon get even better: Tobias is working on keyboard support via DSerial and DSMI for his DS tracker, NitroTracker, which would make the DS into an all-in-one mini music studio.

Grab your soldering iron and your DS and read up on the details.

The hardware hack (DSerial + MIDI) for adding input and output jacks:
MIDI In/Out Hardware for DS [Natrium42 blog]
Schematics and instructions for MIDI on the DSerial wiki

The software side, for wifi support and/or communications via DSerial + MIDI:
DSMIDIWiFi gets DSerial support and becomes DSMI [0xtob’s DS coding blog]