I’m off to Hawaii for a week, where I will not be testing any field recorders, as our friend at O’Reilly Digital Media did. I will instead try to absorb the atmosphere and let it influence music. I’ll let you know how that goes. In the meantime, both CDMs are in the capable hands of Jaymis Loveday and the CDM team, and I’ll be back soon with some thoughts on NI’s new Massive synthesizer, the Korg padKontrol, Max/MSP synth patching, Thomas Dolby, and … well, you’ll see.

Part of the reason I can now vacation in comfort is that we fixed today’s glitch on RSS. Don’t blame WordPress or Feedburner; blame me. I made a mistake while making an adjustment. We’ve now improved the output, and RSS now again shows full story intros. (Longer stories, as always, will be only on the site.) See you soon!