The good folks at Resolume have a traditional change log, but they’ve tried a different approach to describing why you should leap for their new 2.41 update:

Sometimes you just need to enjoy the finer things in life, like listening to Ricardo Villalobos instead of Jeff Mills or to Belle & Sebastian instead of Body Count. Drink a nice Merlot instead of cheap Lambrusco. Subtle differences make all the difference.

And there you have it. In the actual changelog, you’ll see stuff like bug fixes and speed improvements. In other news, Resolume is selling some lovely new footage called Line Dancers, pictured here, continuing the “dancing lines and particles” meme of 2007. (Bet you could have fun improving upon this with Processing.) Gives me some thoughts on more fun stuff to use as footage, which is ultimately what I like about apps like Resolume — it really begs for some great-quality material for mixing and layering.

In review, the reason we love Resolume on our PCs — even though we’ve fallen in love with VDMX5 on the Mac (more on that later this week) — boils down to stuff like this:

  1. Flash file support, with audio-to-Flash animation features
  2. Network streaming
  3. DMX support (even in Flash)
  4. Chaos mode (the “VJ goes to use drink tickets at the bar” feature)
  5. Exceptional video card support
  6. Lots of powerful custom layer/mask features

Resolume users, what’s your take on the app?

These are a unique combination, short of building something custom in Jitter (and Jitter lacks the extensive Flash support).