Every week Matrix of Matrixsynth will highlight a handful synth related content that comes through the web for the week. Consider these the hors d’oeuvres of the synth world, a glimpse of what comes through the synthwaves for the week.

Yamaha One
First up. “Yamaha One” via polaranta, of Syntezatory.prv.pl. Need I say more? At least once a month polaranta comes up with some of the most ridiculously imaginative and usually quite funny shots. Nice hi-tops. Yamaha CS20M pictured.

Under the Side Panel
Under the Side Panel. What you are looking at is the uncovered side of a Korg 900ps. This image was sent into the Analog Heaven mailing list by punkDISCO, who discovered it on his Korg. If you look at the red circular stamps you will see what looks like a date, 52.8.26. The 52 appears to be the year “Showa 52″(Emperor Era). The year represents 1977: 1926 + Showa(52) – 1 = 77.

John Entwistle Steiner Parker EVI
John Entwistle’s (of The Who), Steiner Parker EVI up for auction. Link. The EVI is a wind based analog synth. The circuitry is an analog synth and you play it with the clarinet looking device. These are extremely rare, vintage analog. You can find more info on the EVI in general via this post.

John Entwistle's Steiner Parker EVE 2

Buchla 2003 rock n roll
And finally I leave you with the always controversial Buchla 200e. Why controversial? A good base system can run you upwards of $20k. You can get a lot of modular and/or other synths for that wad of cash. A common theme among some readers of Matrixsynth has been its analogy to a $20k electronic banjo due the pluckiness of many 200e demos. But not this one.

BTW, Doktor Future coined the banjo analogy. Odd little bit of synth history, but when you are into synths, anything synth can be interesting. For everything synth, check out more posts on MATRIXSYNTH.


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