You might notice it’s been less than a week synth my last “This Week In Synths” post. I’ll be shooting for Fridays moving forward. That said, this week we start with a video by Jexus of You might recognize the website from last week’s hi-top shot by polaranta. I’m guessing Jexus and polaranta are one and the same. Note the synth in last week’s image was the Yamaha CS20M. This is a video of that synth.

Next up is a KORG PS-3300 Prototype, claimed to have once been owned by none other than Klaus Schulze himself. Note the typo “Modifires.” It’s currently up for auction with 0 bids. Why zero bids? I’m guessing it’s the starting bid at $7500 US and it’s broken. Word is it is not repairable.KLAUS SCHULZE PS-3300

From the auction:
“You are looking at one of the rarest synthesizers on the planet. A korg PS 3300 prototype owned by the legendary Klaus Schulze of Tangerine Dream. But sadly it does not work so I am selling it as a non working unit. This would be the ultimate restoration project for somebody with technical know-how and time. Not only is this synth mega mega rare but it has a historic valve as well. If this synth could talk it would have many stories to tell. This synth would have been on many world tours with klaus. The synth does power up with lights flashing and blinking. The main control boards seem to work. With a service, 2 out of the 3 blocks will be functional. There are 4 voice boards missing but the can be easily copied with all IC’s still available (see photos).” You can find more images and info at the auction and on this MATRIXSYNTH post, where I saved the details for posterity.

ARP ModulesNext up we have battery powered ARP modules. These individual modules run on two nine volt batteries. The set is currently up for auction. You can find more info on these modules on The modules in this set include 3 noise generators (Pink and White), 1 Voltage Controled Amplifier, 2 Voltage Controlled Filters, a Sample and Hold and a Multiple.


Next we have these cool little models via RESET. Check out RESET for more.

Little Phatty Matrixsynth Patch #70

And finally, we have a little MATRIXSYNTH self indulgence. You are looking at Factory Preset Patch #70 on the MOOG Little Phatty Stage Edition. : ) Many thanks to Amos of MOOG Music for this one.

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