Who says turntables and software can’t coexist?

Via Live PA, which has lots of commentary on live PA and live laptop performances.

Plenty more where that came from on YouTube, including a number from K5fromTRIGGERS and this user, realtablist.

Whether this is your kind of music or not, what works for me in this video is that it’s very apparent how the music is being constructed, and everything in the performance is physical (rather than trapped behind the computer screen). I had a conversation with Thomas Dolby about the same thing in an interview I’ll be posting later this week or early next.

Also smart use of foot triggers, a must-have technique for Live. That and, in the words of my significant other, “scratching is just so cool.”

How about you: are you blending turntables and software in new ways — not just controlling virtual vinyl in software like Traktor, but using computers to extend what’s possible?