The SciFi channel has released some chunky packs of footage, music and sound effects, and invited web users to remix and create videos. Ostensibly this is a competition, with the winning video airing on the channel during a future Battlestar episode…

Which I’m sure will be lovely for whoever wins. I don’t really care though, because I’m seeing a swathe of great A/V mashups and theme remixes appearing in the coming months. I can guarantee that there will be Battlestar breakdowns appearing in the next gig I play with Segue21.

The videos are available in AVI and Quicktime, with both Land and Space clips represented, and there are handy “download all” links. The Quicktime packs are bigger (higher quality?), so I’m getting those: 733MB all up. They’re not really anything you couldn’t get from your own DVD collection, but it’s great to see a TV channel being proactive about remix culture. Hopefully next time they’ll give us alpha-matted effects comps of bluescreen shots so we can bring the actors and explosions into our own work.

Download Site.

Via BoingBoing